Creative night out in London: London Eye by night Bokeh and zoom twisted Tower Bridge by night


Doing wedding photography, newborn photography etc. is nice but going into town and taking some London by night images is a great change and a fantastic opportunity to be creative at the same time.

This time I wanted to challenge myself and create some different images of the London Eye and Tower Bridge London both by night. So here is what I did in simple steps for you to try it out yourself:

Bokeh effect on London Eye
The top picture shows a Bokeh effect on the London Eye. Bokeh is Japanese in origin and refers to blur or a blurry quality, and in photography it is a very recognizable technique. To achieve this you manually un-focus your lense. You can try to create images where one part is Bokeh and the other remains sharp but I made the creative choice of having the complete image un-focused. I think you can still recognise the London Eye and the area around without having a sharp part of the image.
Settings: because it's night photography I have used my tripod and the camera settings were ISO 3200, 1/160 sec. and f 4.2. I triggered with a remote control and there we are :) Just some post processing afterwards (in this case blacks and shadows -25 and white +86)

Zoom burst on London Tower Bridge

A zoom burst, or zoom blur, is a fantastic photographic effect which is simple, fun and easy to achieve. It involves zooming in or out while you take a photo, causing the shot to blur from the centre outwards, as if the scene is “bursting” towards you.
What I've done here is the following: Camera on a tripod with the following settings: ISO , 10 sec and f. 25 Again I triggered with a remote control and zoomed in and out whilst taking images. Lovely light trails can be created and you've got enough time to zoom in or out.
Post processing: contrast +29, Whites + 44, Clarity +25


The same technique is used for this image but this time on the London Eye.
Settings were: ISO 100, 6 sec and f 3.5-5.6
Post processing: Blacks -72, Whites +89, Shadows +33, Contrast + 77, Exposure +2.8


And last but not least here's a classical night photography image of London's Tower Bridge without any creative effects which in my opinion is also nice.
Settings: ISO 100, 30 sec. and f22
nearly no post processing: clarity +25

I hope you enjoyed my little guide for creative London by night photography.