wedding photography followed by newborn photography just a few months later


Last year I took some pictures of a lovely couple followed by some newborn pictures of their beautiful baby girl this year. An interesting and challenging transition!

It's a really nice combination getting to know the wedding couple as a wife and husband and taking pictures of their first child and seeing them in their new role as loving parents. So many things change when a baby is born and it sometimes is hard for the couple to transition from lovers to parents. Sleepless nights, 24/7 responsibility and other baby related issues take their toll. Still there is this bound between a parent and the baby which is really lovely to capture when doing a newborn or baby photography shooting. Plus the photographer already knows his clients and the client knows the photographer which is very beneficial too.

Here is a picture of the lovely couple at their wedding:

two wedding photographers for different angles

And here is a picture of their lovely baby girl:

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