interior design photography


I truly enjoyed doing a photography project last week for two business partners setting up their own interior design business in Teddington. They needed images for their website which I helped them with. The location, a place they had nicely designed, has been ideal to take lovely pictures. I could start shooting straight away as I only had to declutter a little bit.

Still there were a few important things to consider:

Is the light ok? Are there any strong shadows in the picture? If so you might need to wait or come back either early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Ideally you get the golden hour light as it comes out nicely. In any case use a tripod and manually set your ISO (lowest ISO possible), shutter speed and aperture (minimum f 10, f 16 better). I used remote control to avoid camera shake.

As regards the composition I used live view and tried to shoot from the corners to get most of the room in the picture. Ideally you use a lense that's 20mm (on a fx camera) or less.
It's also very nice to take some close up pictures so I took my 50mm and 105mm lens too.

I did some post processing to have a bit of contrast and the most important thing is to do some lens corrections to make sure lines are straight.

My favourite picture of this session is the one on top of this article. I love the colours and the light coming in. This is a living room I would enjoy to live in myself.

All in all a truly enjoyable morning and I am happy with the images, so is the client :)