winter wedding at Weybridge registry office (Rylston)


When I met Rebekah for the pre wedding meeting to discuss the style and schedule for her wedding photos I asked her if she didn't fear it would be too cold for outdoor pictures which she happily denied.

I had a look around the venue and had decided that in case it would rain (or snow!) we could do the pictures inside. Weybridge registry office (also called Rylston) does allow the wedding couple to get their pictures taken before, whilst and after the ceremony in a lovely ceremony room that faces a wonderful garden plus you can get some pictures taken in the adjacent room. In that room they had a humongous Christmas tree which was my back up plan in case of bad weather.

Luckily it did not rain on the day of Rebekah and Matt's wedding and we took plenty of pictures outside in the garden of Weybridge registry office. They have a large landscaped garden to the rear of the building where you can take pictures with a natural background, they've got a lovely wooden pergola and additionally you can use the house as a lovely backdrop.

As it's been a small wedding the couple didn't want any more pictures other than ceremony and wedding couple shooting. The minute I left after I had the pictures taken it started raining. Great timing. Great winter wedding :)