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An unconventional wedding at York House in Twickenham in October


I really liked the unconventional wedding photos we took of Jo and Julian at York House in Twickenham this year at the beginning of October. Jo and Julian had decided to have a small, intimate wedding with only their closest family and friends. York House is very flexible when it comes to wedding guest numbers so this was ideal for my wedding couple. Back to Jo & Julian... ...more

Engagement shooting followed by wedding photography sessions equals maternity session followed by newborn photography session


In my opinion an engagement photography shooting followed by a wedding photography session equals a maternity session followed by newborn photography session. This is why... ...more

6 most important aspects on how to find your ideal wedding photographer Surrey


This is a guide on what I as an established wedding photographer in Twickenham would recommend to couple's when they are choosing their wedding photographer Surrey. ...more

How to create a relaxed wedding group photo at York House in Twickenham


When I met my wedding client for an October wedding at York House in Twickenham she requested the pictures to be as relaxed as possible. So I did some research and came up with this... ...more

How to find wedding photography opportunities for a Kew Gardens wedding


In case you are planning a Kew Gardens wedding let me share my experience as a wedding photographer Kew Gardens in regards wedding photography opportunities inside Kew Gardens. ...more

Event photographer Surrey combines passion of taking pictures and hearing more about having a calmer life by doing some decluttering


Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the launch party of Helen Sanderson's declutter kit. They had about 100 invited guests who all seemed to be very interested in what Helen has to offer. ...more

Benefits of having a fall wedding


Lots of couples decide on a summer wedding hoping for lots of sunshine and a mild summer evening party for themselves and their guests. Now as summer is officially over we would like to share why we think having an autumn wedding has lots of benefits over a summer wedding. ...more

wedding photography at Kew Gardens


Last week I had the pleasure to capture beautiful moments of Candice & Dan's wedding at Kew Gardens. There is always something happening at each wedding. This time it was... ...more

Michelle & Christopher's wedding at St. John's church, Worcester Park


I love summer weddings... all the weddings I photographed this summer were beautiful sunny days or at least without any rain. The same for Michelle & Christopher's wedding at St. John's church, Worcester Park. ...more

the wedding photographer in front of the camera....


... today I would like to share my recent experience of being in front of the camera: a wedding photographer in front of the camera... ...more

Claire & Ian's wedding at Uxbridge registry office


This time I had the pleasure of photographing wedding couple Claire & Ian at the registry office in Uxbridge ...more

Spring is here... time to pack away my studio equipment and use natural colours as a backdrop


Why Spring makes my life as a wedding photographer in Twickenham, Surrey easier... ...more

How to photograph dancing at wedding receptions


How to photograph dancing at wedding receptions ...more

what to wear as a wedding photographer


I am a wedding photographer for a couple of years now and only realised over time which outfit wedding photographers normally wear... ...more

Secret Rivergarden Twickenham - wedding venue recommendation


For all those searching for a beautiful location for their wedding party don't look further. I've recently been photographer at an evening event at the secret Rivergarden in Twickenham. Gorgeous... ...more

baby photography Twickenham - what to expect from a session


Last week I had the pleasure of photographing yet another newborn baby at my pop up studio in Twickenham. ...more

today is supermoon day! sharing my experience as a photographer


The moon has not been so close to Earth since 1948 so tonight's supermoon is something special. It's not only a full moon but it will also look slightly larger. A great opportunity to get the camera out. Here are some useful tips on setting up. ...more

wedding photographer Twickenham and baby photography Twickenham - a personal note


Finding my photography path...
It's been about time to think about what I really want to do when it comes to photography... ...more

York House Twickenham wedding venue review


This is my wedding venue review about York House in Twickenham where I have recently taken wedding pictures for a lovely wedding couple. ...more

Wedding photography: benefits of having two photographers at your wedding


Today I would like to share the benefits of having two photographers at your wedding. ...more

Laura & Neil's wedding at York House in Twickenham and how to avoid staged wedding pictures


When Birgit and I (both South West London based wedding photographers who have teamed) we met Laura and Neil to discuss their requirements for their wedding at York House in Twickenham Laura was saying that she doesn't really like staged wedding pictures. ...more

Newborn photography shooting: baby girl outfit ideas and what to avoid


Sometimes it can be tricky to choose the outfit for a newborn photography shooting. Here's what I as a baby photographer based in Twickenham would recommend for baby girls ...more

combining passion - photography & yoga


I love photography and I love yoga so this little photography project has been a great one. ...more

celebrating a granny's 90th birthday with the whole family - what a great cause for a garden birthday party


I've been lucky enough to take pictures of a granny's 90th birthday last Saturday in Teddington. We were really happy about the weather as it was a warm, sunny day and the celebrations took place at one of her daughter's beautiful house with a stunning garden. It all looked naturally great and I didn't have to remove any clutter or get backdrops out ...more

interior design photography


I truly enjoyed doing a photography project for two business partners setting up their own interior design business in Teddington. They needed images for their website which I helped them with. The location, a place they had nicely designed, has been ideal to take lovely pictures. I could start shooting straight away as I only had to declutter a little bit. ...more

wedding photography followed by newborn photography just a few months later


Last year I took some pictures of a lovely couple followed by some newborn pictures of their beautiful baby girl this year. An interesting and challenging transition! ...more

Wedding venues in Twickenham, Teddington & Richmond


People who come to my page for wedding photography are probably looking for certain other services in the area too so I was thinking why not writing some blogs to make it easier for you. I am starting with wedding venues in Twickenham, Teddington & Richmond. ...more

Should you have your wedding photographer at your morning preparations?


I was thinking about the benefits of having your wedding photographer at your morning preparations instead of just before the ceremony and came to the conclusion that there are quite a few benefits for the wedding couple as well as for the wedding photographer. ...more

Creative night out in London: London Eye by night Bokeh and zoom twisted Tower Bridge by night


Creative night out in London: London Eye by night Bokeh and zoom twisted Tower Bridge by night ...more

2 wedding photographers = 1 price


There will be one main photographer and one second photographer for the more candid shots. ...more

Wedding bouquet - meaning of flower colours


Sharing my experience as a wedding photographer when looking at different coloured wedding bouquets ...more

photography without pressure: just snap!


an inspirational winter walk at Winkworth Arboretum ...more

winter wedding at Weybridge registry office (Rylston)


You can have lovely wedding pictures even when it's winter. Rebekah & Matt had their wedding in December 2015 at Weybridge registry office and the photos don't show the cold. ...more

How to take lovely pictures of a newborn baby at home


Ideally newborn pictures are taken within the first 10 days as your little ones will stay in position you'd like them to be in for some lovely newborn snaps. ...more

Barcelona City Photography Guide


10 places you should visit whilst on a photography trip in Barcelona ...more